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Welcome to city vortal Network
Even if the first settlement, in the place where today the city rises, dates back to the Third Millennium B.C., the first accurate historical data about Vienna concern the age of the Roman Empire and they mention a town hall named Vindibonia. In the Tenth Century Vienna was under the reign of the Babenberg dinasty .This meant a period of increasing development for the city; the subsequent annexation of Vienna to the Habsburg territories lead the city to a period of prosperity. Vienna,which became the principal seat of the Holy Roman Empire in 1438, throughout the centuries drove back the Turkish siege: once in 1529 and twice in 1683. It was occupied by the Napoleonic troops in 1805 and in 1809 respectively; the Eighteenth Century was however “ the golden Age” of the city, which grew economically and demographically. After the first World War and the fall of the Empire, the Country freed itself of the Habsburg domination but in 1938 German troops invaded Vienna which became a district of the Reich. Due to the tragic events of the Second World War the city went to rack and ruin. The soviet army in 1945 rids Vienna of the german invader. At the end of the war the winners gained control overVienna and they divided it into four parts.
The city recovered its authonomy in 1955 and through the following years it became an important centre of international diplomacy ,thanks to the nation’s declaration of neutrality.
Vienna is the “bridge” which connects the western world to the eastern charme, it is the entrance hall of eastern Europe through which you can reach the “heart” of the Old Continent. This is Vienna, the beautiful Austrian capital with its glorious imperial past. Although its strategic position has caused several invasions by the Turkish army, its remarkable importance in the greatest Empires has left the city a cosmopolitan spirit and a suggestive monumental structure. The englightened monarch of the Restoration wanted to build a magnificent capital and to do that, the best architects were called into his court: they turned the city into ” the cradle of art”. The unusual golden leaves of the dome of ”Secession”, or the intentional faults of the houses of Hundertwasser or the sperimental building of Karl Marx Hof justify such a definition.The musical fame of Vienna has been going on for centuries and still lasts today. That is why the city was nicknamed “the city of music” or “the capital at waltz step”.
It is not a surprise for a capital which was Strauss’s and Schubert’s birthplace, where some artists like Mozart and Beethoven lodged and where every year it celebrates the new year with a fabulous concert broadcasted all over the world. These are the most important reasons which induce foreign tourists to visit the city, together with the fascination for the complex culture of the city, the wealth of prestigious collections and the delicious pastry that has no equals.
news & numbers:
Area: 415 square kilometres
Nation: Austrian federal republic, of which is the capital.
Language: the official language is german.
Domestic Currency: running from first january 2002 euro has become Austrian official currency.
Time Zone: in the winter GMT + 1 hour, instead in the summer GMT+ 2 hours.
Religion: Catholic Majority.
Papers: For citizens of European Union an identity card is sufficient, but immigrants from a country outside the European Union need a passport.


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